Sun Lakes Saturday Ride Announcements Move to PMBC RideWithGPS Event Page

The Sun Lakes Saturday Rides will no longer be announced on this blog.  You’ll have to go to the PMBC RideWithGPS Events Page going forward.  I know this will be an inconvenience for some of you but it will be a great time saver for me as I have posted routes and times for all of the Saturday Sun Lakes rides on the PMBC RideWithGPS events page for the remainder of 2019.  To see the details on an event, click on the title of the event as listed under Events on the left side of this page.

events page

You will need to check this page before each ride for any changes that may happen – for example, if no one steps up to lead the ride on that day, this is where you will see an announcement to that effect.

You may see other Club rides posted on this calendar.  It’s up to the ride leader to decide if they want to post their rides and routes on RideWithGPS.

You don’t need to RSVP on this page.  The ride leaders aren’t looking for your RSVP in RideWithGPS.

If you want to get turn-by-turn directions by printing a cue sheet and/or a map, or downloading it to a Garmin device or smart phone with the RideWithGPS app in advance of a specific ride, you can go to the Club RideWithGPS event, click on the Go to Route link, and click on the More button.  Smart phone users with Garmin devices can use the Garmin Connect app on their phone in conjunction with the CIQ app on their Garmin device to download routes directly from their smart phones to their Garmin devices following instructions provided here.





2019-07-13 As Short As I Can Make It And Still Be Worth Riding

This week’s ride starts at 6:00 am to minimize our exposure to the Valley’s seasonally warm temperatures.  Wheels down and ready to go at 6 am, please.  It’s going to be around 84 degrees F at the start and then quickly warm up.  Optional quick stop for breakfast at a famous Scottish restaurant, known for its golden arches, tasty French fries and inexpensive sandwiches and coffee.  Who knows, we might even have some ice cream to cool off!

2019-07-13 Forecast


2019-06-08 Northeast Loop Returning Via Dobson

Wheels down at 6:30 am at the flagpole at Cottonwood Country Club in Sun Lakes. Helmets are required. Riders must sign a PMBC waiver of liability to participate. Pace will be determined by the slowest rider as this is a no-drop ride.

26 miles with a stop midway through the ride in Downtown Chandler.  Click on the map below to see a calendar of club events.

2019-06-08 SL 10 NE via Dobson