2019-06-22 Jerry’s Surprise Ride

Wheels down at 6:30 am at the Cottonwood Country Club in Sun Lakes.  Jerry Bricker will be leading this week’s ride at a moderate pace to a surprise destination.

Hope to see you there!


2019-06-15 Joe’s Farm Grill

Walt Paciorek leads a ride to Joe’s Farm Grill in Gilbert, about 30 miles out and back. Wheels down at 6:30 am at the Cottonwood Country Club flagpole in Sun Lakes. This is a PMBC sponsored ride. Participants are asked to wear helmets and sign the standard PMBC liability waiver.

The route (click on the image to go to the PMBC club events calendar in RWGPS).

2019-06-15 Joes Farm Grill.png

2019-06-08 Northeast Loop Returning Via Dobson

Wheels down at 6:30 am at the flagpole at Cottonwood Country Club in Sun Lakes. Helmets are required. Riders must sign a PMBC waiver of liability to participate. Pace will be determined by the slowest rider as this is a no-drop ride.

26 miles with a stop midway through the ride in Downtown Chandler.  Click on the map below to see a calendar of club events.

2019-06-08 SL 10 NE via Dobson

2019-06-01 Islands via Paseo Trail

2019-06-01 Dark Sky

Wheels down at 6:30 am. It’s June, and it’s going to be a warm day. Meet at the Cottonwood Country Club clubhouse and join us for a no-drop ride to the Gilbert Islands by way of the Paseo Trail. Helmets are required to participate. Visitors and non-PMBC members are welcome to ride with us one time before joining our Club as long as they sign the standard PMBC liability waiver.

2019-06-01 Islands Adventure

2019-05-18 Hungry Monk

Ride to the Quarterly Breakfast Meeting at the Hungry Monk (NE corner of Dobson and Chandler Blvd at 1760 W Chandler Blvd Suite 2, Chandler, AZ 85224). Sign-in begins at 8 am and the meeting will begin at 8:45 am. Wheels down at the Cottonwood Country Club flagpole at 7:00 am. Meet the ride leader at the Hungry Monk at 6:20 am for a fast ride to Sun Lakes beforehand if you are interested in doing a round-trip from the Hungry Monk instead of from Sun Lakes.

We will continue 2019 year with the usual great Hungry Monk breakfast, and then cover the agenda, which includes updates on past and upcoming rides, social events, and an exciting announcement about the club website and management going forward. In addition, Kathy Mills will give a brief talk on bicycle safety.

The breakfast is free for PMBC members, so please make sure your membership is current. If your membership is expired or near expiration, you should have received an email reminder. Also, you can renew at the meeting and new members are always welcome to join!

You will be on your own riding back to Sun Lakes.

SL 23 Hungry Monk

2019-05-04 Derby Day

The Kentucky Derby is held on May 4th this year, hence the name of today’s ride.  The Derby is a horse race; our ride on the 4th is a bicycle ride, a different kind of social event.  Instead of watching horses run and bettors bet, we’re going for a longer, albeit slower, ride, without the excitement of the first leg of the Triple Crown.   Our event begins at 7:00 am with wheels down near the flag pole at Cottonwood Country Club in Sun Lakes, Arizona.  Our route is expected to be sunny and dry in Arizona, with light winds:



As is customary, participants are required to wear helmets and sign a PMBC liability waiver to participate in this PMBC ride.  The ride will proceed at the pace of the slowest rider; it is a no-drop ride.  The group will regroup and stop if necessary to do so after each turn in the route. Optionally, the group may stop at Starbucks at Queen Creek and Alma School on the return for coffee and whatever Starbucks offers for food.