2018-04-21 Islands Plus Ride

2018-04-21 Islands Plus Ride

Planned Route: https://ridewithgps.com/routes/27262074

Today’s route takes us north through Oakwood and Ocotillo Lakes, Tumbleweed Park, and along the Paseo Trail briefly to circle the Islands of Gilbert.  From there, we head cross-country around Downtown Chandler to visit the neighborhoods just east of the Price Freeway before heading south on a route as scenic as I could make it back to the start at Cottonwood Country Club in Sun Lakes.  The forecast remains on the cool side (at least by Arizona standards) so we’ll have wheels down at 7:30 am.  Total distance is 38.2 miles with a total climb of 121 feet.    We might be back at Cottonwood in time for breakfast if we maintain a 14-16 mph pace and keep our stops relatively short.

2018-04-21 Forecast

If anyone is interested in helping to lead the Sun Lakes Saturday Rides starting in May and continuing through September, please let your ride leader know!

Today’s Safety Tip

Since most crashes happen at intersections, be sure to reduce your risk by being visible, positioning yourself clearly on the road, and making eye contact with other drivers.

When you are coming up to a multi-lane intersection, you want to be in the right-most lane that is traveling in the direction you intend to go.  Where you are within the lane depends on the intersection.  You do not want to be in the right-turn lane if you intend to travel straight ahead.  Please watch this brief (1:45) video for more information about safe lane positioning:  Smart Positioning Video from the League of American Bicyclists.


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