2018-05-05 Sun Lakes End of the Season Ride

2018-05-05 Sun Lakes Route

The forecast high for May 5 in Sun Lakes is 105 degrees F.  That’s pretty hot.  Wheels down at 7 am at the Cottonwood Country Club Flag Pole for the last scheduled Sun Lakes Saturday Ride of the season.   It might only be 75F at 7 am.

The PMBC Quarterly Meeting is May 19.  I *may* post a ride from Sun Lakes to the meeting at the Hungry Monk (NE corner of Dobson and Chandler Blvd) for that date, once I learn when the meeting starts and what the weather forecast is.

Ride safely!  Announce your turns well in advance.  Call out and point out obstacles in your path to the riders behind you.  Be predictable in your actions to motor vehicle operators.  Approach intersections in the rightmost travel lanes that continue beyond the intersection in the direction you intend to go (in other words, don’t go to the intersection in the right turn lane if you intend to go straight through it).  If you are approaching an intersection where a vehicle is approaching in the opposite direction that is signalling a left turn, continue pedaling if you don’t intend to stop and allow them to turn in front of you.  Your pedaling motion tells them that you don’t intend to stop.

For more tips, please visit the League of American Bicyclists Smart Cycling web site.

Happy Riding!





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