2018-03-17 San Tan Loop Ride

2018-03-17 Sun Lakes Saturday Route

Planned Route

Jerry Bricker will be leading this ride.  Wheels down at 8:30.  If it looks like serious rain, Jerry may either lead something shorter just for breakfast or cancel.




2018-03-10 North by Northeast

2018-03-10 Route

Planned Route

Today’s ride takes us north on Alma School Road to Fulton Ranch and the neigborhoods between Ocotillo and Germann, passing through Tumbleweed Park to the Paseo Trail.  We follow the trail north to Ray, turning right on Catalina Street to follow a neighborhood bike route to Harrison Street and Gilbert Road.  From there we take Gilbert Road south to Germann, and then west on Germann back to the Paseo Trail and then to Queen Creek Road, where we travel west to Kneader’s Bakery & Cafe to grab a social bite before returnng to Cottonwood via Alma School Road and Michigan Avenue.

Wheels down at 8:30 am.  Pace is 15-17 mph depending on riders and wind conditions; it’s a no-drop ride.

2018-03-03 8:30 AM Start PMBC Quarterly Breakfast Ride

Start time this week is 8:30 am to give us enough time to make the free breakfast!

2018-03-02 Sun Lakes Saturday Ride

Planned Route

This week’s route takes us to the PMBC quarterly breakfast meeting at The Hungry Monk and returns to Sun Lakes via the Paseo Trail and Hunt Highway.  Wheels down at 8:30 am should give us just about enough time to get there for breakfast.  Bring a lock for your bike as seating is indoors.

2018-02-24 Ride to The Islands & Return Via Paseo Trail


Planned Route

This week’s route takes us on a meandering route north of Sun Lakes through Ocotillo to the Paseo Trail and then to the Islands of Gilbert.  From there, we go east a short distance on Warner to return via the Paseo Trail to Queen Creek Road for a lunch stop at Kneader’s Bakery & Cafe before returning to the Cottonwood Clubhouse via Jacaranda, Ocotillo, Dobson and Robson.  Wheels down at 9 am.  Total distance is 33 flat miles mostly but not entirely on lightly traveled roads and bike paths.  This ride is no-drop and the pace will average 14-16 mph.  It will be chilly with light northerly breezes on Saturday so dress warmly!

2018-02-17 Ride to Tempe Town Lake

Planned Route


This route follows Dobson from Cottonwood Country Club north to the Western Canal, then travels west to bike routes through downtown Tempe to the Salt River.  The return is the same route in reverse.  The total ride is a bit over 40 more or less flat miles except where it crosses the pedestrian bridge over US 60.
Wheels down at 9 am by the flagpole.  Single file please on Dobson.  Pace will be 15-17 mph with lunch TBD near the end of the ride.


2018-02-10 Ride from Cottonwood

Planned Route

On February 10, the Phoenix Metro Bicycle Club (PMBC) Sun Lakes Saturday Ride route leaves the Cottonwood Country Club flagpole in Sun Lakes at nine a.m.  The route follows the Passeo Trail from Riggs Road north to Frye Road, west to Hamilton, and then north again to circle the Islands in Gilbert before returning south by way of Kneader’s Bakery & Cafe, located at 1090 W Queen Creek Rd, Chandler, AZ 85248 near the end of the ride. It will be a no-drop ride with a 15-16 mph pace.  Helmet use is required and all riders are strongly encouraged to follow all applicable traffic laws.  As this is an official PMBC ride, participants are also asked to be or become members using the Phoenix Metro Bicycle Club Membership Form.

Wheels down at 9 am.  The route as planned is approximately 31 nearly horizontal miles.  As far as I can tell, it will be sunny (except at night) and reasonably warm and dry from now until the summer monsoon season begins.  I could be wrong but I doubt it.


2018-02-03 Ride from Cottonwood

Planned Route

Greetings!  This week’s Sun Lakes Saturday Ride rolls through the neighborhoods north of Sun Lakes, with a breakfast stop at Kneader’s Bakery & Cafe, located at 1090 W Queen Creek Rd, Chandler, AZ 85248 near the end of the ride.

Wheels down at 9 am.  The forecast temperature is 55F at 9 am and low ’70’s by noon with almost no chance of precipitation.  Ride pace is 15-16 mph, no drop. Total distance is 27.5 flat miles.